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SEO and Digital Marketing Service

In Today’s world, people immediately head to the internet looking for products and services. Your Product or Service. Gone are the days where finding businesses by thumbing through the Yellow pages or a word of mouth referral.

In Today’s world, it is also a very competitive space.  So much advertising bombards everyone these days that it makes it very difficult to get your product or service in front of prospective eyeballs to make your product or service stand out.

This is why you arrived here. You know you need a prominent position on the search engines and we can help you with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Digital Marketing in Victoria, BC.  Our complete satisfaction and successes are to turn those prospective eyeballs into long-term customers for your business.

We need to have a look at your current website.  Please take a look at our current packages that we have available.

Don’t you have a website?  No problem.  Please review our current starter e-Commerce package and the Full e-Commerce package.

We can also tailor our services to meet your needs.  We need to assess your existing website and this can be completed with our website audit and assessment service.  Before Digital Marketing can begin we need to know where you are before where will you need to be.


Our Strategy

A Summary of our Six Step SEO Strategy

Check mark Step 1, Website Audit 


More Web Traffic Now!Our focus at MetaData Media, is to make sure that your existing website is targeting the right visitors. This begins with a technical audit of the current state of optimization with your website.  It is like getting a mechanic to look under the hood to make sure everything is running properly or to correct critical issues that need immediate fixing or replacement. Once we know the in depth state of your website, we can put together a targeted internet marketing strategy.

Next, after the completion of a technical website audit, it will become more clear of your target market.  This is critical because most marketing campaigns fail at this step because they don’t have a clearly defined target market. Even worse, your website could be exposed to the wrong target markets possibly resulting in traffic but not generating sales or leads. Historically, defining a target market is determined by collecting demographic data on sex, age, geographical locations and their needs or wants. We will expose these issues during the Web Audit step.

It will be the needs or wants that we will be targeting. We also want to ask why these needs or wants are not being met. Knowing this information will help us define a content strategy and prioritize the content to bring to the forefront.

Defining a target market must be completed prior to any keyword research for two reasons.  Link Building PuzzleFirst, it provides a content strategy. This goes directly into a site plan and beyond regular SEO. Providing useful and relevant content is link bait. Let’s take a car website example. There can be many articles on cars, from makes, models, years, car maintenance, car care, car accessories and the list can go on.   My planned target is families with limited budgets.  If I know, that people are looking for only fuel efficient and economical vehicles for under $10,000 then we would have articles more specifically on those topics.

This would allow us to target this specific group in the population, giving other content a lower priority.

Second, discovery of targeted keywords.  We do only keyword research based on what your target audience wants.  We will look at what your website currently is targeting and see what target is not being met.


Step 2, Analyzing Competitors and knowing what they are doing successfully

We utilize a number of tools to determine your competitors if they haven’t previously been identified.
Simply doing searches on Google or Yahoo is not enough because rankings fluctuate, results are often geo-targeted and don’t often equal targeted traffic, sales or conversions. At least 3 competitors will be analyzed. We will do a full analysis to uncover their website features, content and a custom SEO Strategy that we will build into your site. We will slice and dice your competitors in different ways to determine the search engine domination that your competitors currently have achieved and maintained.  We want to look at the big picture, not just Title tags and in-bound links but especially the features, tools and social visibility that your competitors have achieved.  We will examine in detail the successful features of your competitors and the areas they are lacking in.  This will better target niches that have not yet been capitalized on or to refine your current niche.

Step 3, Customized Internet Marketing Strategy

We will provide a SEO Strategy document, to give you a good sense of what is going on, including any problems and how the current website stacks up against the competition.

This is the nuts and bolts of what we do.  We will make a custom set of specific product focused recommendations and strategies for gaining search traffic.  Some of the recommendations that we may have for a custom Internet Marketing Strategy is Website Additions/Modifications, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Content Creation, Link Building, Social Media Marketing, Video Marketing and Mobile Marketing Strategies.

Step 4, Put the Plan into Action

In Step 4, we have selected the most beneficial strategies for the Internet Marketing Plan. Getting Ranked Naturally and competitively takes time especially new websites with domains that have recently been registered. The Search Engine spiders need to crawl your website to get the pages indexed in Google, Bing and Yahoo. To get immediate traffic, pay per click is often the way to go until traffic starts to coming from the organic sources. Depending on the strategies selected, we will select a time frame and then have a periodic review to determine what is working and what has to be changed. This is where your website starts working for you.

Step 5, Measuring for Success

Many of the Analytical metrics can determine where we have been successful and where to focus more of our time and effort. It can also tell us where we should spend less of our time. Step 5 is one of the most important steps in the Internet Marketing plan because we calculate the ROI for each strategy. Some will be winners and some will be losers. Goal achievement is an important metric in Step 5. It can tell us how many visitors stayed on page, signed up to a news letter, registered on your shopping cart and ultimately made a purchase.

Step 6, Optimize for Success

Step 6 is a step for long term success on the internet because a successful Internet Plan is not a quick fix, setup or a quick domination on the search engines. It’s a process. Optimization is a snapshot of where you are and a climb to the next level. Competitors in your industry could have at a certain position on the search engines for a reason and have been there a long time. By looking at the successful strategies your competitors use, we can greatly cut down the learning curve to compete successful with your competition or even outrank your competitors. We can do Step #6 for you or if you want to continue with Optimization for success, In-house, we can do training.

Lets get started, contact us for a free no obligation quote.

When love and skill work together, expect a masterpiece.

— John Rushkin —

Digital Marketing and Ecommerce Website Packages

We Love what we do! We have our standard E commerce Packages and our Strategic Traffic Plans but can also taylor a plan just for your business. All prices are in Canadian Dollars. If you are from outside of Canada, you can take advantage of our Weaker Currency.

It is important to note for the Digital Marketing and Ecommerce Website packages below, the hosting fees are not covered in the package and is the complete responsibility and control of the client.  MetaData Media will completely setup hosting but the client will remain in control of their hosting at all times.

Paid Search Campaigns

The cost of the Paid Search Campaigns is not included the package pricing.  A budget will be discussed with the client prior to the commencement of activating paid search campaigns including a monthly review of the performance of these campaigns.  A three – month review will also be given with the option to renew the Full e-Commerce or Strategic Traffic packages for another 3, 6 or 12 months.

Conversion Optimization

Conversion Recommendations are included in the Full Strategic Traffic package.  We will make actionable recommendations to help improve the conversion rate of a client’s website.  If Conversion Optimization tools are recommended for A / B Testing, the cost of these tools are extra and how long they will be required, will be discussed with the client.  Conversion Optimization Tools are only optional and not mandatory in conversion optimization recommendations.

Need Custom Web Application Work to be completed?  That’s Awesome! Contact Us on your requirements and we will get it done.


Great Plans at a great price.

Our premium Digital Marketing and Ecommerce Website Packages include JoomlaOur premium Digital Marketing and Ecommerce Website Packages include Drupal

Our premium Digital Marketing Packages include MagentoOur premium Digital Marketing and Ecommerce Website Packages in include ShopifyOur premium Digital Marketing and Ecommerce Website Packages include WordPress

Starter E-commerce package

$949 Package Price
      • Full Project Price: $2000
      • Package Discount: 50%
      • Minimum Commitment: None
      • New Web Design: YES
      • Setup Google Search Console / Analytics: YES
      • Setup Bing Web Master Tools: YES
      • Content Creation: NO
      • Keywords Optimized: Yes
      • Keyword Research: YES
      • Meta tags and Images Optimized: YES
      • Social Media Profiles Created: YES
      • Google MyBusiness Profile: YES
      • Hosting Setup: YES
      • Paid Google Ads Search Setup: NO
      • Domain Name Registration: YES
      • One on One Consultation:YES
      • Email Marketing Setup: NO
    • Email and Phone Support: YES

Existing Small Website Traffic package

$849 Package Price
      • Full Project Price: $1700
      • Package Discount: 50%
      • Minimum Commitment: None
      • MINI SEO Audit: YES
      • Website Fixes Implemented: YES
      • Performance Report: YES
      • Keyword Research Opportunities: NO
      • Keywords Targeted: Yes
      • Paid Search Campaign Optimization: NO
      • Content Creation: NO
      • Social Media Recommendations: YES
      • Social Media Management: NO
      • Google MyBusiness Profile: NO
      • Conversion Optimization Recommendations: NO
      • Video Marketing Strategy: NO
      • Email Marketing Strategy: NO

We are Excited to work with you!

Start making money online now.  We will get you there.

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Shopify Plans

If Shopify is the e-Commerce platform, the basic Shopify plan is $29.95 U.S. per month + 2.9% and 30¢ per transaction.
The next Shopify plan is $79 per month + 2.6% and 30¢ per transaction.
The advanced Shopify plan is $299 per month + 2.4% and 30¢ per transaction.

These Shopify plan fees are extra are not included in the Package price and must be covered by the client.

Other Hosting Plans

For other platforms such as WordPress, Drupal, Joomla and Magento, the cost of web hosting services is not included in the package price.  MetaData Media will completely setup hosting and register the domain name on behalf of the client but the client will retain full control and ownership of their web hosting service.

Registering the domain name is also not included in the Starter e-Commerce or Full e-Commerce packages and the cost per year is under $20 to purchase a domain name. However, if the domain name is owned by another party and is available for sale, MetaData Media will discuss the purchase opportunity with the client during the domain name consultation.

For other platforms such as WordPress, Drupal, Joomla and Magneto, the cost of web hosting services is not included in the package price.

MetaData Media will completely setup hosting and register the domain name on behalf of the client but the client will retain full control and ownership of their web hosting service.  Registering the domain name is also not included in the Starter e-Commerce or Full e-Commerce packages and the cost per year is under $20 to purchase a domain name.  However, if the domain name is owned by another party and is available for sale, MetaData Media will discuss the purchase opportunity with the client during the domain name consultation.

For the Existing Targeted Traffic packages, this does not include a redesign of a client’s website.  If a web redesign is necessary in order to improve the search engine visibility of their website, this will be discussed with the client.



Our Services

Website SEO Audit Service

Website Search Engine Audit and FixMetaData Media’s Website SEO Audit service will provide you with a comprehensive assessment offering 180-degree turn around recommendations and practical solutions for improvements. It may not be easy to find all the answers but as a webmaster running any website should always ask about it’s effectiveness. MetaData Media’s website search engine audit service will simplify things. You know your web  site needs to improve but you are missing the important answers.

Anyone running a website, may not see all the requirements to bring the target audience to the website. To see many of the important requirements, it is important to see the website through the audience’s eyes.

Traffic Quality vs. Traffic Quantity
An in-depth analysis will include the traffic quality compared to the quantity, registration of new visitors, conversion rates, customer service, customer loyalty, repeat visitors, security protection and liability. We will also look at the overall impact of competitors and where they stand compared to your website. To conclude in the website search engine audit service, we will determine what will make your website more effective.

Here’s some of the questions that we will ask, when we look at your website through the audience’s point of view:

Why are more people not visiting your website?

When people do arrive why are they not signing up or making a purchase?

What’s causing the visitors to leave?

How can the website be improved to give a more satisfying customer experience?

How can we improve in making (and saving) more money online?

What is your competition is doing?

Website audit targetsThis is the steps we take in a Website Audit:

1. We will look at your website’s goals, objectives and target audience.

2. We will identify your website’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, competition and threats.

3. We will detail in a full report of where your website falls short, performs well and optimization recommendations.

4. You will implement the changes and see an increase in results.

5. You will be given the recommendations on what changes to make and why, how to make the changes, when to make them and the help you need to complete them. Contact Us for an assessment.

Data Visualization – The greatest value of a picture is when it forces us to notice what we never expected to see.

— John Tukey, American Mathematician —


I need Web Marketing for my Web Site but where do I start?

It may seem like a loaded question, but at MetaData Media, we are here to help achieve the targeted focus that will get the results you are looking for. You will find a few of our client questions below. See if any of the examples fit your requirements. If not, blast us an email us for a personal discussion.

We know you have questions and we are here to help.

We are about Results

QuestionI am building a new website and I want to get search engine rankings for certain keywords. What service do you offer to get the results I am looking for?


Our Website Optimization Service would be perfect for your website. We will show you what must be done to be successfully optimized for the web when it is completed and to remain successful online.  This must be stress that it does take time to be indexed in Google and Bing and can take between 3 to 5 months to be ranked for certain keywords.

Our Pay Search Service

I need to start generating leads now, and I don’t have the time to wait for being listed in the search engines. Can you deliver leads to my website now?


Yes, Our Pay Per Click Service will vault your website faster than in the search engine rankings. We are Google Adwords and Google Analytics certified and we will manage the entire campaign and setup.  We will also manage the ongoing monthly management of your Pay Per Click campaigns on services such as Google Adwords and Bing. Please contact us to learn more about increasing your visibility immediately and about using our Pay Per Click Services.

Paid Search Service that is losing money

I have not made any money with my website from my existing pay per click campaigns. In fact, I have losed money and I need expert advice on how to change that immediately. What can you do to turn this around?


Our Pay Per Click Expert will review your campaigns to make turnaround recommendations for improving the management of those campaigns and improving your conversion rate. Please contact us on our Pay Per Click Service and how we can turn around from going from the red to going in the black.

Social Media Services

I want to use Facebook and Twitter to make money with my website but I don’t know how to do that.  Do you have a service that helps me make money with Social Media?


Yes, Social Marketing has become more popular for people to sell products and services online. The first step is to determine your goals that you want to achieve so we can better direct you to the services we offer. It is important to realize that each social network has it’s own ettiquette that you must be aware of. Please contact us on our Social Marketing services that we offer.

Internet Marketing

I don’t know a lot about internet marketing but I want to be more successful with my website.  What services do you offer to improve the internet marketing of my website?


You could use a web marketing strategy. Please contact us about a free no obligation consultation so we can determine your goals and requirements to be successful online.

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