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Our Culture, Lifestyle and Go Green

image of a beautiful view at the top of Cobblehill Mountain on Vancouver Island

Where we live is an important part of our daily working lives. Mill Bay on Vancouver Island is located about 30 km (19 mi.) north of Victoria, British Columbia which is the capital of British Columbia. The Lifestyle on Vancouver Island could be said to offer all that is available to an urban environment without all the stress normally found in a big city. Vancouver Island also offers some unique attractions such as Whale Watching, World class Golfing not to forget fabulous shopping.

We have a Pristine environment that awaits around every corner.

picture of the top of cobble hill mountainBeing surrounded by World’s largest ocean, we are so lucky to enjoy one of mildest climates in Canada. We see very little snow during the Winter months with warm and sunny Summers making Vancouver Island an inviting place to work and live all year long. Our Culture and Lifestyle is very important to us. Being surrounded with beautiful panoramas, a relaxed lifestyle, abundant wildlife, snow-capped and forest carpeted mountains adds up to one of the most beautiful places in the world to work and live. Not to mention a Barbecue King’s paradise.

Living in such a pristine location gives us the responsibility to ‘Go Green‘ at MetaData Media. It’s important to reduce our environmental footprint and to maintain such a fragile ecosystem.

Here are some ways that we have applied our ‘Going Green‘ initiatives.

Create Documents Online First


So much paper is reduced when we create documents online only such as PDF Invoices, Manuals, spreadsheets, email and so on. With an increase in technology, the amount of printing is less.

Working out of my Home Office


Video conferencing, instant messaging, phone and email with our clients have made telecommuting a reality. It also saves tremendous time traveling and spares harmful vehicle emissions in the environment. According to one study, by working out my home office for a period of one year has saved 108 pounds of hydrocarbons, 854 pounds of carbon monoxide, 55.8 pounds of oxides on nitrogen, 16,034 pounds of carbon dioxide, 813 gallons of gasoline evaporates into the environment.

Local Farmers and Fruit/Produce Markets


We love locally produced food and food sustainability is very important to us. By buying locally, it reduces carbon emissions in the environment from transportation not to mention eating fresh local and organic fruit and produce.

Cardboard and Paper Recycling


We recycle all cardboard and paper products. It’s horrible to see products that can be reused and recycled go the the landfill. It’s amazing! If we recycle 1 ton of paper and cardboard, 17 trees are saved that absorb a total of 250 lbs. of carbon dioxide out of the air each year.

Composting Food Waste


Apple cores, banana peels, potato skins is perfect to go into the compost. The composted material which is broken down is added to enrich the soil each year for the vegetable garden and fruit trees and fruit bushes.

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