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Competitor Analysis, Traffic Gaps and Opportunities

Competitor AnalysisResearching the competition can tell us what they have been doing successfully and other areas that are untapped within your industry. Competitor Analysis can also give us insightful information to avoid some of costly trial and errors strategies that do not work.
No need to reinvent the wheel. We will analyze at least 3 competitors and reverse engineer the strategies that have proven successful for competitors and analyze areas that could be capitalized with your own website’s unique custom strategy.

Details from this analysis will be put together in a final report and will prove invaluable for a road map to your website’s online success especially the internet marketing strategies in step #3.


Keyword Researchimage of Keyword Analysis

To better understand the needs and requirements of your target audience, we will do specific keyword research analysis. What will be compiled is an extensive list and it may even be expanded but we will have the keyword list and the associated search volume per keyword per month.

Opportunities and Gaps Check

We will further breakdown your website keywords into categories and will prioritize keywords with heavy search volume and other keywords having moderate search volume. The priority of these keywords will be utilized for the SEO content strategy on your website. We will look at the estimated search volume and referral volume of the website and get a sense of what is doing well and what is not. We will find the Opportunities and the Gaps. Opportunities are areas where your target market is searching but there is no content on your website to attract them. Gaps are where there is content on your website for the keyword term but very little referral traffic to the content compared to the search volume. For this analysis, we will determine the opportunities that are available from the gap areas on the website.
Included in all of our SEO packages, we will give a full competitor analysis report of what we find and what we determine the questions to ask such as:

What features of your competitor’s website do they have that your website doesn’t have?
Does the current content on your competitor’s website currently serve your target markets?
How active is your competitors in the social marketing area? Do they have proper targeted landing pages with the keywords that you are targeting?
What is the call-to-action on the competitors landing pages?
What are the features that your competitor’s website have to encourage a visitor to return to their website?

Link Popularity Analysis

What is the quality and number of links pointing back to a competitor’s website? We will make a full analysis of the links with significant Quality and Page Rank. We will also examine whether the competitor was given a high Page Rank link contribution or had achieved that with their own link building strategies. This analysis may reveal many interesting inbound link prospects which will all be commented in the analysis report.

Competitor Keyword Analysis and Competitor On Page Optimization

What keywords are the competitors’ targeting? We will place a detailed list on each competitor using different analysis tools including keywords that could be focused on immediately and easier to rank for. Competitor On Page Optimization will also be analyzed and detailed in the competitor Analysis report.

In addition, we will conduct and complete an SEO comparison, an inbound link comparison, and a traffic comparison between your competitors and your website. This will begin the foundation to a solid Web Marketing Strategy for our next step #3, Website Internet Marketing Stategies.

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