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Putting the plan into action

image of the strategies to put the internet marketing plan togetherIt is necessary to have an Internet Marketing Strategy Plan laid out just like a road map to see where we are heading. That is why step 3 is so important. Strategies such as creating a News Letter or Ezine for building an email list, a Pay Per Click campaign setup to drive traffic if it’s a new website or to optimize the existing one. Press Releases? A Content Publishing Schedule?

A Press Release Schedule and much more could be included in your customized internet marketing strategy.

If it’s a new website, it is vitally important to have a Search Engine Optimization strategy right at the beginning prior to the website going “live”. If it’s currently live and has undergone a website audit, we will begin the corrections or fixes immediately to make sure the website’s pages are optimized for the search engines using ONLY Webmaster approved “White Hat” techniques. In the Internet Marketing community, “White Hat” refers to only techniques that follow Search Engine policies and guidelines. These are techniques that focus on the human audience instead of the search engines. “Black Hat” focuses on tricking and manipulating the search engines to get a high enough ranking to get traffic but has proven time and time again that these techniques are short lived. As a worst scenario, “Black Hat” techniques have proven to get a website permanently banned by the search engines.

This is where we put the plan into action depending on your customized strategy and budget.

We will map out an ideal publishing schedule. If PPC is included in your strategy, we will determine where and when to set up the campaign depending on the target audience. All analytics will be setup at this time with Google Webmaster Tools, Google Analytics and Bing Webmaster tools, if they have not been previously been setup. A time schedule will be established for each portion of the customized IM strategy and then we will conduct the #5 measurement step of the customized internet marketing plan.

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