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A Summary of our Six Step SEO Strategy

Check mark Step 1, Website Audit 


More Web Traffic Now!Our focus at MetaData Media, is to make sure that your existing website is targeting the right visitors. This begins with a technical audit of the current state of optimization with your website.  It is like getting a mechanic to look under the hood to make sure everything is running properly or to correct critical issues that need immediate fixing or replacement. Once we know the in depth state of your website, we can put together a targeted internet marketing strategy.

Next, after the completion of a technical website audit, it will become more clear of your target market.  This is critical because most marketing campaigns fail at this step because they don’t have a clearly defined target market. Even worse, your website could be exposed to the wrong target markets possibly resulting in traffic but not generating sales or leads. Historically, defining a target market is determined by collecting demographic data on sex, age, geographical locations and their needs or wants. We will expose these issues during the Web Audit step.

It will be the needs or wants that we will be targeting. We also want to ask why these needs or wants are not being met. Knowing this information will help us define a content strategy and prioritize the content to bring to the forefront.

Defining a target market must be completed prior to any keyword research for two reasons.  Link Building PuzzleFirst, it provides a content strategy. This goes directly into a site plan and beyond regular SEO. Providing useful and relevant content is link bait. Let’s take a car website example. There can be many articles on cars, from makes, models, years, car maintenance, car care, car accessories and the list can go on.   My planned target is families with limited budgets.  If I know, that people are looking for only fuel efficient and economical vehicles for under $10,000 then we would have articles more specifically on those topics.

This would allow us to target this specific group in the population, giving other content a lower priority.

Second, discovery of targeted keywords.  We do only keyword research based on what your target audience wants.  We will look at what your website currently is targeting and see what target is not being met.


Step 2, Analyzing Competitors and knowing what they are doing successfully

We utilize a number of tools to determine your competitors if they haven’t previously been identified.
Simply doing searches on Google or Yahoo is not enough because rankings fluctuate, results are often geo-targeted and don’t often equal targeted traffic, sales or conversions. At least 3 competitors will be analyzed. We will do a full analysis to uncover their website features, content and a custom SEO Strategy that we will build into your site. We will slice and dice your competitors in different ways to determine the search engine domination that your competitors currently have achieved and maintained.  We want to look at the big picture, not just Title tags and in-bound links but especially the features, tools and social visibility that your competitors have achieved.  We will examine in detail the successful features of your competitors and the areas they are lacking in.  This will better target niches that have not yet been capitalized on or to refine your current niche.

Step 3, Customized Internet Marketing Strategy

We will provide a SEO Strategy document, to give you a good sense of what is going on, including any problems and how the current website stacks up against the competition.

This is the nuts and bolts of what we do.  We will make a custom set of specific product focused recommendations and strategies for gaining search traffic.  Some of the recommendations that we may have for a custom Internet Marketing Strategy is Website Additions/Modifications, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Content Creation, Link Building, Social Media Marketing, Video Marketing and Mobile Marketing Strategies.

Step 4, Put the Plan into Action

In Step 4, we have selected the most beneficial strategies for the Internet Marketing Plan. Getting Ranked Naturally and competitively takes time especially new websites with domains that have recently been registered. The Search Engine spiders need to crawl your website to get the pages indexed in Google, Bing and Yahoo. To get immediate traffic, pay per click is often the way to go until traffic starts to coming from the organic sources. Depending on the strategies selected, we will select a time frame and then have a periodic review to determine what is working and what has to be changed. This is where your website starts working for you.

Step 5, Measuring for Success

Many of the Analytical metrics can determine where we have been successful and where to focus more of our time and effort. It can also tell us where we should spend less of our time. Step 5 is one of the most important steps in the Internet Marketing plan because we calculate the ROI for each strategy. Some will be winners and some will be losers. Goal achievement is an important metric in Step 5. It can tell us how many visitors stayed on page, signed up to a news letter, registered on your shopping cart and ultimately made a purchase.

Step 6, Optimize for Success

Step 6 is a step for long term success on the internet because a successful Internet Plan is not a quick fix, setup or a quick domination on the search engines. It’s a process. Optimization is a snapshot of where you are and a climb to the next level. Competitors in your industry could have at a certain position on the search engines for a reason and have been there a long time. By looking at the successful strategies your competitors use, we can greatly cut down the learning curve to compete successful with your competition or even outrank your competitors. We can do Step #6 for you or if you want to continue with Optimization for success, In-house, we can do training.

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