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Website and Conversion Optimization

image of website optimation targetting serviceOK, we know where we are on the search engines. We know how effective our current campaigns have been. We have invaluable data from our visitors on the website and areas they are avoiding. Conversion Optimization (or improvements to your website) is the next step to further making more signups and sales on your website.

Winning Campaigns can be further optimized to increase the ROI (from step #5). Other visitor communities or portals can be implemented. Training can also be provided to your in house staff utilizing the current Internet Marketing Strategies so that there is no further work required on our part. This will increase productivity and decrease expenditure costs.
Further optimizing your website’s online presence will increase your company’s visibility, leads and targeted visitors to your website. Reputation Management is also a method of increasing a company’s website visibility and brand awareness online. Increasing a company’s reputation through such channels as Social Media, Content Marketing and Mobile Marketing will dramatically increase a companies presence online.
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Please note: On completion of the website audit service in step #1, if the website has been determined that it requires significant structural changes or has significant html coding issues, these should be handled by your own webmaster or web designer. Of Course, if you’re a looking for a website overhaul, a new look and feel site or a static website converted to a CMS (WordPress or Joomla), please contact us through our contact form.

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