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Website and Internet Marketing Strategies

image of which strategy to followWe will provide a SEO Strategy document to give you a good sense of what is going on, including any problems and how your website currently stacks up against the competition (Step #2). The Gaps will be identified for the given keywords that are not performing well. The Opportunities will be listed with keywords where there is no content but are areas where we need content.

We will determine your top competitors and why they are the top competitors in your industry.

In tailoring a custom SEO Strategy, we will determine what features and content the competitors have and how these features could be used to benefit you’re own site.

If your website has maintained an online presence and there was any negative sediment, it will be identified and we will make suggestions to correcting it. If there were an negative sediment that was found with competitors, it could be an area that could capitalize depending on what the target market wants.

Must have recommendations

We will make a custom set of specific product focused recommendations and strategies for gaining search traffic. Here are some of the must have strategies for your website, if they are not currently implemented.
1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – We will apply only the latest SEO techniques to your website now in the future. Including utilizing all Webmaster Tools from Google and Bing.

2. Add a blog to your site, if you don’t currently have one installed and managed with a publishing schedule.

3. Content Creation Management – If you have ever the heard the expression “Content is King”? People and Search Engines love fresh, unique, quality content and adding new content regularly on a publishing schedule. Rankings will increase with targetted phrases and keywords, but there could also be other keywords that were not targeted and providing additional traffic.

4. Website Modifications – If your website is not Search Engine Friendly enough, we will detail all the pages with all the required Meta Tags, Titles and Proper use of website Doc Tags, HTML Tags and entities.

5. Link Building – To get ranked in the search engines and to out rank your competitors, you have to have other websites give a recommendation and this is the form of a link back to your website. We no not use link building techniques like other companies have used in the past. Such link building has been found to be Spammy links if not Black Hat methods. We only use proven and successful White Methods to Link Building.

Not Mandatory but nice to have recommendations

1. Press Release Marketing – This could prove to be a very powerful method of building your companies brand and building a buzz surrounding your company’s products and activities. If this is an option we will suggest content ideas and how often to publish.

2. Social Media Marketing – This option may not be for every business, but social media has become a Huge Social Network to share a company’s brand from social communities such as Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Digg, Forums and Social Bookmark websites.

3. Pay Per Click (PPC) – PPC is an method to get traffic that will bring targeted and qualified buyers to your website immediately. When a campaign is setup properly, it can prove to be extremely cost effective and lucrative. If PPC is an option, we can optimize the campaigns and also improve performance.
4. Banner and Text Link Advertising – Banner Advertising and text link advertising can be an effective advertising medium. If you are currently doing banner advertising, we may offer recommendations to optimize your current campaigns or for new campaigns provide a list of banner advertising communities for a maximum ROI.

5. Video Marketing – The Statistics are amazing. Over 800 Million visitors on YouTube each month and this includes 43 countries and 60 languages. 4 Billion hours of Videos are viewed each month. A million advertisers use the Google ad platform with the majority of businesses being small businesses. There is definitely a place here for any business and we will show you how you’re website can greatly benefit from this magnificent advertising medium.

6. Mobile Website Development and Marketing – The internet is regularly surfed by hand held devices such as I phones, Smart Phones, Tablets and Windows devices. In 2011, Mobile traffic doubled on You Tube alone. If this is not an option now, it will be in-the-not-too distant future.
There may be other Recommendations. If you have a large corporate website, there may be different requirements of SEO for specific people for updating your website. For example, Search Engine Optimization for designers, writers, editorialists and business development. In these cases, we will have to add specific recommendations for those specific people that are actively involved on the website. If a CMS is used, we will make any recommendations on any impairment of the SEO and other Risks and Avoidances. We don’t recommend Custom Content Management Systems because of the proprietary nature of these systems and the lack of support, if changes are required.


We will prioritize item by item with the more labor intensive and time consuming items first. We will lay out the plan and a day to day prioritization with a summary on the problems and the solutions. We will give a custom set of recommendations created specifically to meet your individual visibility needs.

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