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Website Audit and Assessment

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Completing an Website Audit is the first step in our the process. This is where we look into the inner nuts and bolts of your site and view the current state of the website’s SEO. Even minor changes and tweaks could have a HUGE impact to the search engine rankings. This is why we place it first in the Search Marketing Strategy. We have found that just a cursory view on a webpage could reveal big issues that are causing lower rankings in the Search Engines.


How is your website currently optimized for Search Engines? The Website Audit report will consist of a detailed report on what is necessary to make each page Search Engine friendly. The report will also detail on what could be improved to increase rankings as it is applied to the website.  We will look at all the factors that go into the current On – Page Optimization including what must be modified, deleted or added.

Off – Page Optimization.  How popular is your website? We will check the number and quality of the links going to your website. We will give solid recommendations of improving and expanding your current link popularity. We will also look at the anchor text that was affected by the penguin update from Google. If your website is associated with a Google webmaster account, we will examine and detail what could be improved.

Web Analytics. How does your website convert referals, leads or sales? The detail from website analytics will give us vital information on what is currently working and what has to be improved. Don’t have Web Analytics installed or setup properly? We can help. It is one of the most important pieces you will require when doing business on the internet.

Keyword Research. What keywords is your website currently targeting and ranking for? We need to determine where your website stands based on the current keywords, we will use this data when we do a full competitor analysis of where the website ranks based on the keywords used with the competition.
Website Audit Summary. We will summarize everything with pieces of the website that is working and changes and additions that will be required for the final strategic plan.

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