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Social Media Marketing

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Do you know if your customers are on Facebook? Instagram? Twitter? Linked In? Or how about Pinterst?

At MedaData Media, we can show you how to engage with your customers using Social Media properties to connect with your social followers and to ultimately convert your followers to customers. Social Media Marketing does require some strategic planning. We need to understand your business and see how the given Social Media properties can benefit (Facebook, Twitter, etc.).

A Competitor Analysis will give the lay of the land in determining which social properties would be a better return on investment. We can determine where your customers are going and how your competitors are socializing with your customers and it will give us a solid social media marketing strategy.

Whether you want to do your social media marketing in-house or let us do it for you, we can setup the social media marketing. We will integrate the social media icons and social-sharing icons to your website’s existing pages. This will allow highlighting of the various social platforms and using this strategy allows us to see which social property gains more traction to connect with your customers. There are many integrated features and tools that are available to allow you to build your brand across many of the social properties.

We will also provide a monthly statistics report with important metrics (this is included in the Full Strategic Traffic package) on how well the individual social media properties convert prospects to customers.

Questions? Please contact us here through our free consultation form.

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