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Web Design in Victoria BC

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We are Web Designers for WordPress, Shopify, Magento, Drupal and Joomla in Greater Victoria.

Covering Sidney, Brentwood Bay, Central Saanich, Colwood, Highlands, James Bay, Langford, Westshore and Metchosin areas.

Why you need a Web Designer for your business?

It’s an important missing ingredient, if your business does not have website today.  Sure, some go the cheap route with ‘free website builders’ but really would you want to spend time running your business, instead of building a website?  Not to mention doing Search Engine Optimization or paid advertising to be number one on the search engines.

This is were we come in.

Let us take care of the design and technical details in building and managing a new website.  It is important for us to have a good relationship with you right from the start. We want to have a personal get together to make sure it is the vision you want and the vision that your customers want to see.  You will never have to worry about talking to someone on the other side of the planet calling you in the middle of the night.

Make sure your website is Mobile Friendly and has a Responsive Design

It is important to have a good user experience for all your visitors.  Not just with Mobile browsers but with all browsers available.  All forms and functions must be compatible with Desktop browsers, Tablets and Mobile devices (Android and Iphones).  If your current web designer or web developer doesn’t have a solid and proven plan to include mobile compatibility and responsiveness, look for another designer.

According to Catalyst, the world’s largest communication services group and the top Search and Social Marketing professionals,  Mobile continues and will continue to experience substantial growth in Canada, with smartphone ownership increasing by a staggering 24% year over year.

A new website must have proper SEO Structure prior to launching

“Build it and they will come.”

If SEO is not part of the web design plan immediately, even if it gets built, they will not come.  You may have the most incredible website ever, but if no body can find it,  the only eyes on your website will be your own.  MetaData Media has professional web designers in Victoria that are skilled and have the abilities to Optimize your website for the search engines.  We do all keyword research for your website that is relevant to your business and also incorporating only the latest SEO practices to achieve proper visibility for Google and Bing.  At MetaData Media, we also help you understand the keywords that are targeted including any instruction on the proper keywords for your website.

For new websites,  it may take 3 to 6 months before you see any measurable organic traffic.  Organic traffic is the traffic you receive from the search engines without paying for it.  During this period we may suggest to setup a campaign with Google Adwords until your website has become more established in the Search Engines. At MetaData Media, we will immediately rank your website for highly targeted keywords, include the proper targeted locations of your business with a set advertising budget.  It could be fierce competition and we may need to raise your budget in order to achieve the necessary results in Google AdWords.  We will always have an in depth discussion on the cost per keywords, search volumes, competition levels and the necessary budget prior to launching a Google adWords campaign.  It is our focus to achieve the best ROI (Return on Investment) with Google AdWords. In addition to Google AdWords, We look at your content!  Visitors are always on the search for good information based on the what they type for the search queries. So, it is important that the content on your website adds value to the visitor. The content must be unique and offers answers to the visitor experience.

I need a web site design now, what can I do to get started?

Is it a fresh new look or a brand new site?  We can get you there without reinventing the wheel.  We will also look at new revenue opportunities and help you solidify your brand.  Your business is Unique.  We work with you to get that fresh new look that begs to answer the question, “Who are you?” as compelling and interestingly as possible.  In putting together a new design, it is also important to have a clear sense of what your company offers.  It’s really too bad, how many sites we have visited and are not sure what a company’s website offers.

Let’s talk and have a quick conversation.  We need to understand your business.  We want to put ourselves in your shoes.  We love Web Design, SEO, Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing and is our passion to create opportunities for your business online. You can feel confident that you’re new web design will employ the latest web technology with fast loading times, menus that will go as directed and are responsive to all mobile devices for the web.

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We also want to make sure that we are the right fit for your business and can delivery within your time line and budget.  The first step is to contact us through our free consultation form to get some initial feedback on what you are looking for, time frame and as many details on your business.  The second step is an in depth free consultation to understand your needs and business goals.  Please do call us anytime when you are ready.  Fill out the form, absolutely no obligation.

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