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Website Layout and Theme Development Service

Choosing a look and feel for a new website can be a daunting task. Selecting the background colors, foreground colors, font size, headings, banners and layout can be very time-consuming. That is why, we have current templates for Shopify, WordPress, Drupal, Joomla and Mobile at TemplateMonster from web designers around the world. There may just be a web template to your liking, waiting for you! Simply look at the sample templates below, order one that would work for your website and we will do the complete template customizing for you.

Does your old website need a face lift? We can give it a new and fresh look.

Talk to us about making the conversion to a Shopify Theme, Word Press, Magento or Joomla website. Click Here to go to our contact form.

In the beginning, WordPress was a free and open source blogging tool, and it is still used for blogging. Today, it is still free but it is far more than just a blogging tool. It’s a full blown Content Management System (CMS). From August 2011, 22.0% of all new websites used WordPress and is currently the most popular CMS on the internet. It’s unique template structure and plugin architecture makes it one of the most diverse content management systems out there. Themes are inserted in the template structure and are what changes the look and feel of a website. Themes are independent of content or structure of a website. So, if you are dissatisfied with your current theme, you can make an instant theme change such with those displayed below. Literally, there is every possible theme creation out there without putting a lot on money out for a new theme from a web designer. Another feature of WordPress was it’s available plugins. To date, there are approximately 18,000 plugins with many incredible add-ons such as SEO and adding widgets to a website. Widgets are small modules that drag and drop onto the left or right sidebar.

There is no end to what any of these Themes and Templates can do for you! Let us do the customization for you in a lot less time than having a web designer create a design from scratch.

Shopify Themes

WordPress with WooCommerce Themes

Joomla with Virtuemart Templates

Magento Themes

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